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Customer Reviews

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Ian Ewart
Many thanks for your time and good humour today.

We'll do business together.
Hi Ben,

Just a big thank you to you and your team for an excellent service yesterday I received. The car is truly superb and appreciate the confidence you gave me in buying it! The guy who also gave me a run-down on the car before I left was also extremely helpful.

Thanks again and I will spread the word of your quality service.

Kind regards
TP of Surrey
Hi Neil,
Saw one of your Defenders parked at my local gym in Surrey and decided to park next to it!
I'm very happy with the defender. Driving the car is an absolute joy and every day something I'm looking forward to. Merry Xmas
TB in East Sussex
Christmas Cheer from a real Defender Enthusiast! -
Better than any Christmas Card. Thanks Tim, from all the team.
Defender Enthusiast
Thank you to the Man for showing me this extraordinary vehicle and to the other Men there for always being available for any questions i may have, looking forward to seeing you all on Friday :-)
AL from Kent
Extremely pleased with my purchase today from the thatched garage!! Brilliant customer service...professional and knowledgable!!
Will be spreading the word...
IL of West Sussex
Hi Ben

A quick note to say how nice it is to have my Defender properly under sealed again. It seems a nice job and should last a few years now, thanks to all of you, and also for the handsome wheel cover which has attracted favourable comment!

Best wishes
JC of Kent
Loving my 110 I picked up at the weekend. Thanks to Ben for great service and vehicle prep'. Looking to make it faster now.
BL of Essex

Just wanted to say thanks. It was a joy to deal with you guys. You were both so very helpful.

As an example, when I first viewed the car there was a sizeable stone chip in the windscreen just by the tax licence. I noticed while driving home that this had fixed itself. I would bet you guys put a new windscreen in and didn't mention it or charge me.

I just wanted to say thanks,

Thank you for e-mail reminding me that service is due. I sold the car a few months ago following a couple of expensive breakdowns in France towards the end of last year. You may well remember! We cover a lot of miles and decided in the end to exchange the car, sadly not for another Land Rover. Nevertheless, may I thank you for your friendliness and efficiency during the years you looked after the car for us. My best wishes to the team.
SG Dartford

Please find enclosed the spare keys for the 90 XS.

Many thanks for your great service and hospitality on the changeover to the 110.

D of West Yorks
Hi Neil

Sorry for getting back to you so late. Just to let you know we got back safe and the Landrover performed great. Once again it was a pleasure dealing with you.

All the best
GL - Mayfair

ran car up north at the weekend
runs like a dream and looks a million dollars quite a few comments already someone actually thought it was an 60k vehicle !!!

mid range and top end pick up - very good indeed

thanks for all the work
think next stage will be the interior !!!
Jason Van Wyk - Customer Support Supervisor
Hi Neil,

Thanks very much for your kind words and your support. It's very much appreciated.

Kind Regards,
JW - Customer Support Supervisor
Hi Neil,

Thanks very much for your kind words and your support. It's very much appreciated.

Kind Regards,
MB from Warwick
Hi Neil

Thanks for the windscreen, I saw the crack which probably wouldn't have responded to off road use too well, but would possibly have lasted a good wee while with on road only use. A testament to your high standards that you have replaced it. If only all vendors of such lovely merchandise operated to the same exacting standards the world would be a far more pleasant place.

SH of Cambridgeshire
Hi Guys,

Just a note to say that the tuning package is a great success. - thanks

Apart from the dreaded recycling valve and yellow light of death not being lit - the obvious benefits are:

1. Better mid-range response 40-50 MPH which is nice for overtaking lorries "“ no crashing down the gears
2. Cruising at 70/75 is quieter and smoother (as a few revs lower I think) and better up long inclines as no changing down or fade "“ stays above 2000 RPM with ease
3. Towing is better with less engine fade on gradients and smoother transition between gears.
4. Engine seems to start better in the mornings and less smoke

Better start saving for the extra battery and electrical work now !

Best Regards
Steven - South Africa

Just checked this AM. The records are now updated and I can see where the parcel is.

Thanks once again for the awesome service and the speed in which you reply to emails.
HC of Surrey

Thank you so much for all your help today regarding the confusion with the Vehicle Registration Form.

You really are a true gentleman.

I wish you all the very best for 2012.

Yours sincerely,
E and D from Beckenham
Dear Neil

We are not quite sure where to begin, as "thank you" doesn't seem to carry enough weight for what we want to say! It is a good starting point though!

From the first phone call, to the initial visit, to the purchase of our Defender, to collecting it and (although we have now been proud owners for less than 24 hours) the after sales service - in fact everything that we have experienced from you and the team at The Thatched Garage has been beyond first class (if that is possible!).

It was a very easy purchase decision, but the feeling of complete trust that we were in the right place made the whole experience so much more special and for that we can never thank you enough.

We are looking forward to many years of happy motoring, in fact our faces are already aching from smiling so much!!!

As a practitioner in advertising, I can honestly say that 'word of mouth' still takes a lot of beating and we will be recommending The Man for Land Rovers at every opportunity.

Thank you again.
With best wishes
DW in Essex
Sorry chaps I meant to drop you a note last week and say thanks very much for the SVX and what a nice little operation you have down there. All the best for the future and in the unlikely event I can do anything for you guys don't hesitate to get in touch.

From DW in Essex. A major player in our Trade!
KT from Essex
Hi Neil,

Just checked my account this morning and wanted to let you know that the balance has arrived safely.

Really has been a pleasure doing business with you and needless to say, when I eventually decide to "get back in the saddle," I know where I'll be heading to buy a Defender!

Once again, thanks & best wishes.
P & C B
Hi Neil
I just thought l'd pen a quick note to complement you on your professional service.
From my first phone call to you, until completion today it has been a pleasure doing business with you.
Both you and your staff have been consummate professionals to deal with. I would recommend you services to
Shouid the purchasers of my vehicle wish to speak to me about it, do not hesitate to ask them to call me.
All the best, and thank you for the pleasurable experience it has been completing this transaction with you.
Kind regards
Bonsoir tous
Thanks for the update Neil.
The Landrover is great thanks, I have just put the Kayak on the roof bars and will be off down to the beach
tomorrow for some bass hunting.
Best regards
Brilliant note from a customer of ours, Norman Wells. He bought a 1991 Defender 90 from us twelve years ago. And took it to the Caribbean. Great to hear from a satisfed & obviously.happy customer. Further proof of Land Rover legendary longevity....

"Thought you guys might be interested to know, that I purchased this Land Rover from you in 2001, it was 10 years old then. Since 2003 it has been on a small Island in the Bahamas, and is still going strong. During the time I have had it it has never broken down, and apart from oil changes, the only things that have been done to it, is a new water pump, two new front shocks, one rear brake cylinder, and a clutch master cylinder, and next week am going to change the timing belt. The only corrosion of note is drivers side, just in front of mirror, which from what I gather is a common problem - I have the tabs to repair this, but havent got around to doing the work."
RM - Hertfordshire
Ben and the team have done a Stirling job from start to finish"¦. I spent almost a year talking to different companies and I'm glad I found Ben and the team. It's been a real pleasure doing business with them, especially as I'm not an expert on what should be done to get the best from the Landy, Ben has given me some great advise on what to buy and what not to"¦ which was probably one of the most valuable bits as it stopped me wasting money and allowed me to spend it on the stuff I really needed.

The 2.5hr drive home was a lot more fun now that the upgrades have been fitted. The lowering kit has made a real difference and the power upgrade is really great"¦ not to mention the KBX stuff and the light bar"¦ its still a defender"¦ but now its so much more"¦. Only issue is I think I'll need to come back as getting it to stop is the next priority oh and the better half has fallen in love with the Recaro carbon seats"¦. lucky me"¦.
DG of Sussex
Firstly awesome job, looks amazing and goes like stink..... Think we found a great balance between sporty looks and style so thanks
The noise is truly wonderful !
JM of East Sussex
A brilliant Momo Nero steering wheel supplied by the great guys @ The Man For Landrovers, fitted as soon as I got home. Much appreciated y'all
GL of London
ran car up north at the weekend
runs like a dream and looks a million dollars quite a few comments already
someone actually thought it was an 60k vehicle !!!

mid range and top end pick up - very good indeed

thanks for all the work
think next stage will be the interior !!!
ML of Hants
Great Job Ben and team! Drives like a dream and the extra power is quite something! A case of Wolf in Sheep's clothing.
Conrad, Sussex
Hi Neil

Now that I've stopped playing with my car and started driving it normally(ish) I thought I'd drop you a line on the difference the ECU remap has made.

I must admit when Stuart suggested increases of 244BHP to 285BHP, Torque increases of 600-700Nm with an increase in fuel economy I was slightly dubious. When a 0-60 time of 7.6 seconds as opposed to 9.3 standard was mentioned I was even more dubious.

So real world thoughts:


I suspect you were after a little more information than that so here goes.

I have to confess to trying the 0-60 and even with winter tyres on and my lack of driving finess it was still under 8 seconds, but this isn't the biggest shock. The main improvement is mid-range grunt. Hit the throttle at 40-50mph to overtake and it just pulls like a train. It was never a slow car and when you used to stick your foot down it used to drop down a gear or 2, shout and roar past. Now the only sensation you get of the acceleration apart from the shove in the back is the speedo needle fast approaching license loosing speeds. It's even more refined believe it or not, in day to day driving it appears to be quieter, I would guess as an increase in the torque it is having to kick down less. This is a double edged sword as a couple of times I've had to check my speed.

Fuel economy is also definitely up. For the kind of driving I do I was averaging about 27miles per gallon on the fuel computer. After a couple of hundred miles this is now reading 30miles per gallon and I haven't changed my driving habits!

So in conclusion I would like my humble pie with custard, its everything I was told it would be plus a whole lot more.