AdBlue in Sussex and Kent


All new Euro 6 engines (roughly 2015 on) now have a diesel additive to reduce the emissions.

The AdBlue liquid for the Diesel Exhaust System - does this and on new Land Rovers, they are using this more than expected, so there is a need for people to replace the fluid used. If the fluid runs out, the engine stops and won't restart without a visit to the Land Rover dealership.

At the Thatched Garage we offer a top up service of your Adblue, we will top up your system to the recommended amount for just £25.

But remember don’t leave it until the last minute as when this runs out the vehicle will no longer start.

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Customer Testimonials

Excellent service just purchased my new freelander from them.

Ian Dixon - Sussex

Fantastic service from a knowledgeable team, always happy to assist with all aspects of running and maintaining my vehicle.

Katy Fox-Dossett - Sussex

Very knowledgable, helpful and friendly service. This is the second vehicle I have purchased from Ben and the team and would happily recommend to anyone who is looking


Always helpful and honest advice. Clear explanation of work needed to be done. I’ve been a customer ever year for servicing and maintenance since buying a Defender from Thatched Garage.


The garage was responsive to my initial enquiry and positive in subsequent email exchanges, hence my choosing them to purchase and fit the overdrive.

Mr G Birch