Hi Neil,
Saw one of your Defenders parked at my local gym in Surrey and decided to park next to it!
I'm very happy with the defender. Driving the car is an absolute joy and every day something I'm looking forward to. Merry Xmas

TP of Surrey

Christmas Cheer from a real Defender Enthusiast! -
Better than any Christmas Card. Thanks Tim, from all the team.

TB - East Sussex

Thank you to the Man for showing me this extraordinary vehicle and to the other Men there for always being available for any questions i may have, looking forward to seeing you all on Friday :-)

Defender Enthusiast

Extremely pleased with my purchase today from the thatched garage!! Brilliant customer service...professional and knowledgable!!
Will be spreading the word...

AL - Kent

Hi Ben

A quick note to say how nice it is to have my Defender properly under sealed again. It seems a nice job and should last a few years now, thanks to all of you, and also for the handsome wheel cover which has attracted favourable comment!

Best wishes

IL of West Sussex

Loving my 110 I picked up at the weekend. Thanks to Ben for great service and vehicle prep'. Looking to make it faster now.

JC of Kent


Just wanted to say thanks. It was a joy to deal with you guys. You were both so very helpful.

As an example, when I first viewed the car there was a sizeable stone chip in the windscreen just by the tax licence. I noticed while driving home that this had fixed itself. I would bet you guys put a new windscreen in and didn't mention it or charge me.

I just wanted to say thanks,


BL - Essex

Thank you for e-mail reminding me that service is due. I sold the car a few months ago following a couple of expensive breakdowns in France towards the end of last year. You may well remember! We cover a lot of miles and decided in the end to exchange the car, sadly not for another Land Rover. Nevertheless, may I thank you for your friendliness and efficiency during the years you looked after the car for us. My best wishes to the team.



Please find enclosed the spare keys for the 90 XS.

Many thanks for your great service and hospitality on the changeover to the 110.


SG - Dartford

Hi Neil

Sorry for getting back to you so late. Just to let you know we got back safe and the Landrover performed great. Once again it was a pleasure dealing with you.

All the best

D - West Yorks


ran car up north at the weekend
runs like a dream and looks a million dollars quite a few comments already someone actually thought it was an 60k vehicle !!!

mid range and top end pick up - very good indeed

thanks for all the work
think next stage will be the interior !!!

GL - Mayfair

Hi Neil,

Thanks very much for your kind words and your support. It's very much appreciated.

Kind Regards,

Jason Van Wyk