Land Rover, Range Rover & Jaguar Diagnostics.

At The Thatched Garage, we have the very latest in Diagnostics, in fact it is the same diagnostics as if you were to visit the main agents, we also subscribe to all of the JLR workshop manuals and latest technical bulletins, so that we can find the faults with your vehicle as quickly as possible.

Did you know that sometimes a simple software update can resolve a multitude of problems, without even having to replace any parts. This is something you won't find at your local garage.

We have full security access to, so we can program most keys on your vehicle, this includes vehicles right up until present day.

Sometimes modules fail and need replacement, this diagnostic equipment has the capabilities to do this to.

Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) become clogged and because of lots of around town journeys don't always regenerate by themselves, we can force regenerate these meaning a replacement isn't always required.

If your vehicle has a symptom and no engine management light is showing we can select the symptom through the diagnostics and find out what the problem might be.

For older vehicles, we also run a separate system so that we can find the problem on these older vehicles as well.

To book in for diagnostics, either give us a call on 01825 841148 or click on the link below.