Land Rover, Range Rover & Jaguar Repairs

At The Thatched Garage, we don't only carry out servicing, we also carry out repairs to vehicles as well.

We are your local specialists for Land Rover, Range Rover & Jaguar across Sussex.

Common repairs that we carry out include:

  • Suspension Problems
  • EGR Faults
  • Welding
  • Faults with DPF's & other sensors
  • Engine Replacements
  • Chassis Changes

Basically any repairs to Land Rovers, Range Rovers and Jaguars, then we have you covered.


Have you got a DPF warning light on your vehicle?

On the more modern Jaguar Land Rover vehicles they run a DPF, this stands for Diesel Particulate Filter and this is part of the exhaust. This is designed to collect exhaust particles and then around every 300 miles these regenerate by getting to extreme temperatures and burning off these particles.

However if you do lots of short journeys, or even if you do longer journeys at low revs, these do not regenerate themselves as they cannot get up to temperature.

In this instance a light will be illuminated on your dash warning you of a DPF fault.

If this happens, the light will illuminate one of two colours:

Amber warning light - If the warning light is amber, the chances are we can force a regeneration with our dealer level diagnostics, this can be done within 1-2 hours.

Red Warning Light - If the warning light illuminates red, then this means that the DPF is to full to be regenerated, we can however remove the DPF and clean it, however we do need the vehicle for 2 days to do this.

Main Dealers will tell you the only way to fix it, is to replace the DPF which will cost you £1000's

So if you are experiencing problems then give us a call or send us an email.